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In October 2002 I was introduced to a positive lifestyle change with Real Success Real People that has impacted not only my life but the lives of my family, financially, physically and professionally.

As a minister’s wife and teacher, my plate was not just full, but loaded. I was director for the children, youth and adult choirs (remember I started my business in October) and Christmas was coming, that meant a lot of time commitment for practice. I also taught classes:  Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night and I lead the Women’s Missionary Program, and Real Success Real People was my part-time job. My full time job was teaching 8th grade Language Arts. I was also coordinator of the after school program, High School cheer coach, finishing my Masters +45, President of Delta Kappa Gamma and a full time grandmother of a two year old. Where has that energy gone?

A lot of ‘LIFE’ has taken place in the soon to be 12 years that I have been building, and during it all, my residual income (still getting paid for work I did in 2002) kept coming every month.

When I started looking at retirement I realized that what we thought was adequate at one time was not so adequate today. When I learned what my retirement program was going to be, I told my husband that I would have to teach till I was 89 or take my business to the next level. I started working my Plan B for the next three years and gloriously replaced my salary and was able to retire. Now it is no longer a Plan B but a solution to a lifestyle that we love.

Who do you know that needs a lifestyle change?  It is worth your time!



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