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Life was good. I was young, single, out of college, working in the medical field as a Lab Tech and had bought my first house. Then it hit. I was diagnosed with a colon disease called ulcerative colitis in the late 80's.

Life changed. After many years of traditional treatment, I found the side effects of the medicine to be as bad as, if not worse, than the disease itself. A wise physician told me I needed to rid my home of  toxins and chemicals. Research now shows what I was told twenty years ago to be true.  I'm healthy (not cured of my disease, but healthy enough to keep it at bay).

I was so excited to partner with a  company who manufactured these types of products. And even more excited that I could work from home. This partnership  is more than I could have ever dreamed.   I had worked hard with another company for 17 years, but never received the financial rewards that I found here.

My husband and I paid off a 30 year mortgage 17 years early and are living a debt free life. Finding the right company to partner with and  a team of highly motivated people to work along side of,  has resulted in Real Success Real People.

Your Partner in Success,



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