Who is our manufacturing partner?



Our manufacturing partner is a totally debt free INC 500 Wellness Co. that has been in business since 1985. We have developed a one of a kind business model where every customer shops directly from the manufacturer. This structure allows for the customer to receive unbelievable products at the lowest possible prices.

When you ask us to contact you, we answer all of your questions by phone and will make sure no false claims are made. This ensures we protect the integrity of the company and that no misunderstanding could damage our reputation. We have strict policies with regard to internet marketing to protect our brand.


What kind of experience or equipment do I need?

You will require a phone and access to a computer - that's it! You will require a strong work ethic, a love for people and the ability to be coachable. We come from all walks of life including health professionals, lawyers, engineers, realtors, doctors, teachers, administrators, bankers, pharmaceutical reps, business owners, investment brokers, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, all enjoying success here. IF you are coachable, have a REASON and are willing to work! We have men, women and couples who partner with us.

What kind of training or support will I have?

We have a saying here, "You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself". We will partner with you every step of the way. We match our efforts with your efforts. We have a proven system in place to help you leverage your time and effort. Our team is experiencing tremendous growth even in this tough economic time. Our partners are seeing record growth as well!

How many hours will I need to work?

You will be setting your own hours. We will have an initial planning session with you to determine how much income you need or would like to have, how many hours you have, what your lifestyle goals are and we make a plan just for you, based on years of experience. Many of our partners work around other jobs or children's schedules. You have flexibility. We help you know what activities will produce income and how to maximize your working hours.

Do I have to sell products?

Absolutely not! That is the beauty of this. That is why our partners are usually so excited about our partnership. There is no inventory, no deliveries, no overhead, no catalog costs, no collecting money. We have built our business to a Billion dollars in annual sales through word of mouth referrals! We very simply educate consumers on how to shop for safer products and how to save money and time while doing so. We help them set up shopping accounts and our manufacturing partner does the rest.

When can I expect to make money?

While we cannot make any income guarantees and it will obviously depend on the time you invest in your business we offer a commission and bonus-based compensation plan that you will be able to tap into right away. Most of our partners will earn income in the very first month. All of this will depend on the plan we make at our "Getting Started" Meeting with you. You will make those decisions. Most of your partners work this as a supplement in the beginning and move to a more full time. Some start as full time from the very beginning. It all depends on you and your needs.

What is the next step?

Click the button that asks us to contact you. One of our professional team members will contact you and give you all the information you will need to make an educated decision whether this is a good fit for you and your family. Just as we are real people, we form real partnerships here, so we can help you reach your real goals. We do not believe real relationships are formed via emails, texts, auto-responders, etc. That is why we want to speak with you over the phone to give you the information. We make a promise not to push you into anything that doesn't make sense to you or seem like a fit for you, and we promise not to waste your time. You will be able to make that decision. You will also be able to decide what is the next step in finding the perfect business to work from home. We look forward to hearing from you!!